Royal Visits to Saudi Aramco

In the Founder’s Footsteps


Throughout its 75-year history,Saudi Aramco has always relied upon the judicious guidance of the rulers of Saudi Arabia. In turn, the Kings have placed their trust in Saudi Aramco to derive the maximum benefit from the country’s rich natural resources for the people of Saudi Arabia. Together, the Kingdom and its national petroleum enterprise, Saudi Aramco, have met the challenges posed by boom times and lean times alike, and their shared history is a success story of progress, development and transformation.

Since its inception in 1933, the Company has been granted the flexibility to manage its own affairs. The creation of Saudi Aramco in 1988 as a commercial enterprise to be operated on a for-profit basis solidified the Company’s unique status as a state owned oil company but one that operates with a high degree of autonomy – a living symbol of the wisdom of the country’s rulers.

Within these generous boundaries, Saudi Aramco has transformed itself from an oil producing company into a fully integrated international petroleum enterprise, with operations in exploration, producing, processing, refining, shipping and marketing of crude oil, natural gas, refined products and soon, petrochemicals.

All six Kings of Saudi Arabia have shown their support, in part, by visiting Company operations and by meeting the employees who have contributed so much to the well-being of the people of Saudi Arabia – and to the well-being of people around the globe. Many of these visits are described within this supplement.

There is no other petroleum company on the planet quite like Saudi Aramco and its success is a combination of the blessings of God for its petroleum reserves, the wise stewardship of the rulers of Saudi Arabia, and the efforts of its employees who understand that the people of Saudi Arabia – and billions of people around the world – rely on Saudi Aramco to provide them with the energy they need to live fuller, more productive lives.