It is both an honor and privilege to have worked on the Saudi Aramco 75th Year Anniversary supplement. Highlighting a truly visionary array of pioneers, events and progress the supplement is divided into 7 sections; Royal Visits, Pioneer Profiles, ‘Past, Present and Future’, Sponsors and this Note.

The first section ‘Royal Visits to Saudi Aramco – In the Founder’s Footsteps’ reviews the visits that Saudi Aramco has received from all six Saudi Kings. The visits start with King ‘Abd al-‘Aziz (reigned 1902 – 1953), King Sa‘ud (reigned 1953 – 1964), King Faysal (reigned from 1964 -1975), King Khalid (reigned 1975 – 1982), King Fahd (reigned from 1982 – 2005) to King ‘Abd Allah who has reigned from 2005.

The Royal Visits section exemplifies the vision of the Saudi Arabian monarchy that started with King ‘Abd al-‘Aziz seeking international oil company expertise to explore his kingdom for natural resources. This ultimately led to Standard Oil of California, (Socal) being awarded the exploration concession on 29th May 1933.

Yet it took five years of hard work and persistence on the part of geologists, engineers, desert guides and executives before ‘striking pay’. CASOC found oil in commercial quantities on 3rd March 1938 while drilling Dammam Well No. 7. That strike encapsulates the ‘Pioneer Profiles – They built Aramco’ section, which outlines the roles of the explorers that delineated initial acreage and production assets.

The Past (Blue), Present (Green) and Future (Orange) sections correspond with the Saudi Aramco 75th Anniversary burst logos. The Past section traces the evolution of Saudi Aramco through the decades starting with the company’s origins in the 1930s.

It continues with the company’s foundations being established throughout the 1940s and outlines the unprecedented momentum being built within Saudi Aramco in the 1950s. It covers the further growth and development of the company during the 1960s and 1970s. It also shows the transformation of the company within the 1980s and the remarkable global reach of the company by the 1990s.

The Present section covers Saudi Aramco from the turn of the millennium. From 2000 Saudi Aramco has clearly shown that it is part of a secure energy future through its commitment to conservative long-term reservoir management, strategic expansion and international joint venture projects as well as cutting edge research and development, and enhanced oil recovery techniques. Illustrating this is the fact

that Saudi Aramco has produced some of the most revolutionary techniques and processes in the oil field. Exemplifying this is the award winning Shaybah Deep Desert field development, the Maximum Contact Reservoirs and POWERS reservoir simulation as well as the fascinating array of Saudi Aramco EXPEC RD technology applications. Today’s Saudi Aramco has global reach and its success as the world’s No1 Oil company in terms of crude oil production and holding ¼ of the world’s oil reserves is a combination of the blessings of God for its petroleum reserves, the wise stewardship of the rulers of Saudi Arabia, and the efforts of its employees who understand that the people of Saudi Arabia – and billions of people around the world – rely on Saudi Aramco to provide them with the energy they need to live fuller, more productive lives.

The future section is charac-terised by Mega Projects and a continuation of the vision that founded Aramco. Today, KAUST (The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) symbolises King ‘Abd Allah’s vision of a graduate research university capable of meeting the need for advanced science and mathematics skills to tackle the energy and environmental challenges facing all the inhabitants of the planet.

Last but not least are the publication sponsors, which are found on pages 95-105. Sentiments on the 75th Anniversary are best expressed by two quotes: Saudi Aramco President and CEO Abdallah S. Jum‘ah said, “We view this as an opportunity to connect the company’s re-

markable past with the exciting promise of the future. It will also allow us to send a big ‘Thank You’ to our current and retired employees, to the people of the Kingdom and to all those with whom we partner.”

Ali I. Al-Naimi, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and Chairman of the Board of Saudi Aramco said, “Saudi Aramco is a very special company, the 75th Anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate its great achievements over the years and to highlight the company’s role in contributing to the future of the Kingdom and the world economy.”

Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas would like to express gratitude to Saudi Aramco for providing material for this publication.

Wajid Rasheed Publisher and
Founder EPRasheed

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Saudi Aramco 75th Year Anniversary

Publisher and Founder EPRasheed
Wajid Rasheed

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