Najat Husseini: First Saudi Female Professional

Aramco’s first Saudi female employee with a college degree, Najat Husseini holds a significant place with pioneers in the company’s history. The daughter of a Saudi diplomat, Husseini’s experience with education occurred outside the Kingdom, first in Rome, Italy, where she attended Marymount High School and subsequently at the University of Damascus in Syria.

It was 1964, and Aramco had not yet hired an educated Saudi woman. Husseini, determined to put her education to work, applied to the company. Aramco lacked a precedent in this matter and sought special permission from King Faisal, a great supporter of women’s education, to hire Husseini.

Upon gaining approval, Husseini took part in a health education outreach program where she contributed directly to Aramco’s communities. With other Aramco employees, Husseini traveled and educated Saudi families on personal care, health practices and sanitization. Her impact on Aramco and its female work force – as well as on the improved health care of the surrounding communities – has left a lasting mark on the company.