It is the vision of the leaders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that has allowed the Oil and Gas industry in Saudi Arabia to flourish. This vision was channelled through the Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals and Saudi Aramco and has developed the wider national industry.

Saudi Aramco has emerged from the past 75 years as a world class oil company and an industry benchmark. It has become synonymous with best quality performance, environmental and social responsibility and the engineering of mega-projects.

Saudi Aramco continues to develop the necessary technology, human resources and knowledge vital to meet the challenges of Exploration and Production, E&P, in Saudi Arabia. Today Saudi Aramco is successfully undertaking a number of Mega projects and developing complex fields such as the Shaybah development in Rub Al Khali and the offshore Manifa by using extended reach wells. Over the last few decades Saudi Aramco has played an unprecedented role in contributing to Saudi Arabia’s economic prosperity and development.

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, KACST, is proud to work with Saudi Aramco on many research projects and looks forward to a positive contribution in developing the national strategy for localization and development of Oil and Gas E&P technologies with a vision of technology leadership by 2025.

For the next 75 years and beyond, we, at KACST, wholeheartedly wish Saudi Aramco further success, growth and contribution to the Kingdom.