2000 – Aramco Gulf Operations Company, a fully owned subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, is established to manage the Government’s petroleum interest in the Offshore Partitioned Zone between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

2000 – April. Saudi Aramco launches new logo and corporate identity campaign.

2001 – Hawiyah Gas Plant, capable of processing up to 1.6 billion standard cubic feet per day of non-associated gas, comes on stream


1934 – There are 13 Americans in the camp. One of them is Max Steineke, who will play a critical role in the discovery of oil in the Kingdom. He teams up with Khamis ibn Ramthan, a guide who will also have a leading role in the search for oil.

1935 – The first test well is drilled into the Dammam Dome.

>> The New Millennium

1936 – The Texas company (later 1937 Texaco) acquires a 50-percent  interest in Socal’s concession to help finance the construction of new facilities.

1937 Texaco) acquires a 50-percent interest in Socal’s concession to help finance the construction of new facilities. 1936 1937 – Company geologist  Max Steineke crosses the Arabian Peninsula both ways, gaining a comprehensive idea of the structure and stratigraphy of the peninsula upon which all subsequent geological knowledge is built.

‘Saudi Aramco will continue to be the world’s best and brightest hope for a stable, reliable and affordable supply of petroleum.’

Abdallah S. Jum’ah, President and CEO, in December 2006.

To achieve a secure energy future, Saudi Aramco is committed to conservative long-term reservoir management, and strategic expansion and international joint-venture projects. Saudi Aramco is confident that through research and development, enhanced oil recovery techniques and other advances in technology, the Company can play a major role in meeting the world’s energy needs for decades to come. By the end of 2009, the completed crude oil increment projects will raise Saudi Aramco’s maximum sustained production capability to 12 millin bpd to utilize as market conditions warrant.

2006 – Accords are signed for two export refineries, in Jubail (with Total) and in Yanbu’ (with Conoco Phillips).

2007 – May. Saudi Aramco and Dow Chemical Co. agree to conduct a feasibility study for the construction, ownership and operation of a world scale chemicals and plastics production complex, known as the Ras Tanura Integrated Project.

2008 – Saudi Aramco celebrates its 75th anniversary.