1980 – Government increases its participation interest in Aramco’s crude-oil concession rights, production and facilities to 100 percent, with retroactive financial effect to 1976.

1981 – Key parts of Master Gas System fully or nearly fi nished. Data processing begins at the Exploration and Petroleum Engineering Center (EXPEC) Computer Center, one of the world’s largest geoscience computing facilities.


1982 – The discovery well, Dammam No. 7, is shut-in after producing almost 32.5 million barrels of oil
over 45 years.

1983 – King Fahd ibn ‘Abd Al-‘Aziz visits Dhahran on the company’s 50th anniversary and inaugurates
EXPEC. Production of nonassociated gas from the deep Khuff zone begins.

1984 – Company assumes operation of the East–West Crude Oil Pipeline. Company acquires its first four supertankers.

>> Transformation

1985 – Nonassociated gas production and processing capacity reaches 1 billion scfd.

1986 – Government asks that exploration activities expand Kingdom-wide, to the limits of the original concession area.

1987 – East-West Crude Oil Pipeline capacity is expanded to 3.2 million bpd. New Aramco exhibit opens in

‘Working together, we can preserve the many Aramco accomplishments of the past, ensure the success of Saudi Aramco and continue to contribute to the future prosperity of the Kingdom.’

Ali I. Al-Naimi, President and CEO, in November 1988.

In 1980, the Saudi Government signed an agreement for full ownership of Aramco. Aramco began its transformation from a booming, oil-producing concern into an integrated international oil company. In 1988, the company’s name became Saudi Aramco, and in 1989, it undertook a multibillion-dollar program to reach a maximum sustained crude oil production capacity of 10 million barrels per day. As the decade closed, Saudi Aramco celebrated its 50th year of crude oil exports on 1st May 1989.

Data analysis. Dhahran, February 1982. Photo by: R. Rosengarten

Sulfur stacks, utiliteis and gas treatment plant no: 3 (sunset picture) Uthmaniyah, May 1982. Photo by: S. M. Amin

1988 – Saudi Arabian Oil Co. (Saudi Aramco) is established. Star Enterprise, a joint refining and marketing venture in the eastern and Gulf Coast United States, is established with Texaco.

1989 -High-quality Arabian Super Light crude oil and gas are discovered south of Riyadh, the first find after the establishment of Saudi Aramco and the first outside the Company’s original operating area.

General view of classroom of elementary and secondary school, a Saudi teacher is listening to a Saudi student. Dammam, May 1982. Photo by: S. M. Amin

Aramco mobile library, Dhahran, March 1983. Photo by: J.E. Champney

Sulfur Stacks, Utilities and Gas Treat No: 3 (Sunset Picture) Uthmaniyah, May 1982. Photo By:S. M. Amin

Saudi Arabian children at Aramcobuilt government school in Al-Khobar, 1981. Photo by: S. M. Amin