1961 – Aramco’s first shipment of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), the equivalent of 75 million cubic feet of gas, is loaded onto a specially designed tanker at Ras Tanura.

1962 – Cumulative crude oil production reaches 5 billion barrels.

1963 – Crude oil reserves total 57.8 billion barrels; gas reserves total 24.1 trillion scf.


1964 – Berri oil fi eld is discovered. Proved petroleum reserves increase to 59.2 billion barrels.

1964 – Najat Husseini is the first university-educated Saudi female employee. She is a health educator for Eastern Province families.

1965 – Crude oil production for year exceeds 2 million bpd.

>> Development

1965 – The Company and the Government plant some 3 million trees in a successful effort to save villages and farms in al-Hasa from being buried under encroaching sand dunes.

1966 – Two-berth Sea Island loading terminal, built for largest tankers a float, begins operation off Ras Tanura.

1967 – Cumulative crude oil production reaches 9 billion barrels.

‘On the steeper hills we had to slow down and we had to use all five Caterpillar tractors for towing, but still we managed a speed of four miles an hour.’

Crew foreman in 1967, on moving a 140-foot tall oil derrick to a desert site south of Abqaiq.

Aramco’s exploration efforts during the 1960s led to the discovery of 16 oil fields. Crude oil production continued to soar in this decade. In 1965, Aramco exceeded production of more than 2 million barrels per day, and on 22nd November 1967, the 9 billionth barrel of crude oil was produced. Aramco became the first company to produce 1 billion barrels of crude oil in less than one year in 1968, its 30th year of commercial oil production. In 1969, production reached nearly 3 million barrels of oil per day. Saudis comprised slightly more than 75 percent of Aramco’s workforce, and 76 percent of those Saudi employees held semi-skilled, supervisory or professional jobs.

Buggies used by exploration parties in Rub Al-Khali. Photo by: B. H. Moody

A bedouin hunter proudly poses with his prize hunting falcon in the bleak vastness of the eastern Rub’ Al-Khali. Sept. 1967. Photo by: S. A. Al-ghamidi

1968 – Shaybah fi eld is discovered in the northeastern Rub‘ Al-Khali. Company becomes the first to produce 1 billion barrels of oil in less than a year.

1969 – Over 1,300 Saudis attend courses in company training centers; 209 Saudis have out-of-Kingdom study and training assignments.

Medical: Assa Muslim, health educator from Aramco’s Health Center, shows preventive medicine films and lectures to class in company built school for sons of employees. Thuqba, Dec 1960. Photo by: V. K. Antony.

Mohammed Khatib uses single-system sound and film camera for locally produced TV programs. Dhahran, July 1963. Photo by: B. H. Moody

Baba Hattab telling stories on TV story hour. (Baba Hattab is Jamil Hattab. He retired Nov. 1, 1986). Dhahran, May 1965. Photo by: A. L. Yousif

Saudi operators sewing in the Dammam cooperative industries garment factory, March 1966. Photo by: A. Latif Yousif

Saudi employees preparing gm/v-12 marine engine for dynamometer test. Dhahran, November 1968. Photo by: S. M. Amin