Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Magazine is part of EPRasheed Group and was formed in June 2004. Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas covers field development expertise, technological programmes, technology applications and, from time to time, social developments. Specifically, Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas outlines key technology applications, technology partnerships and R&D initiatives in meeting Saudi Arabian E&P technology needs.There is also deep coverage of local content and technology development for the future.


Wajid Rasheed (Ex Hart’s E&P Well Construction and Latin America Editor) has worked in many countries and has also served as a country manager for a major service company and as a technical consultant for Baker Hughes and Petrobras.


Mauro Martins (Baker Hughes, Christensen) has 25 years oilfield experience.

The late Majid Rasheed (International Editor). Majid worked as a journalist for nearly 10 years and interviewed many high profile Oil company executives incl. the President and CEO of Petrobras Sergio Gabrielli and ex President of PetroTrin Wayne Bertrand and several OPEC ministers.

Details of other editors can be made available on request.